Art to Play With
My husband and I had been making dollhouses to be played with for almost 10 years when Hitty crossed our path in 2004. I  had never been into dolls, but that was before her.

We create Art to play with on commission. Being a Hitty aficionada myself, I fully understand a Hitty's needs...and my husband makes them come true!  We "build" a project from the client's wish list, so there are no two alike. Given sizes, style preferences, colors, era, etc. we bring a home to Hitty and usually form a great friendship in the process.

Our houses are offsprings of early English family houses and German industrially made Hacker and Gottschalk houses. Each is made of wood, unique, entirely hand crafted and painted. If needed or wished for, elements of style (wallpapers, floors, tiles, etc.) are created for a specific home, never duplicated...we all know each Hitty has her very own taste and no two of them live in the exact same circumstances, although we are well aware there are certain "basic rules"! We like to give each Hitty her very own environment.

Inquiries are welcome at arttoplaywith (at) Rogers (dot) com
Please use standard email format when making inqiuries
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